6 Money Saving Tips And Tricks

Are you looking to save some money at home, so you have a little more money to spend during the week, or even to put into savings for a rainy day. If so, here are some money saving tips and tricks.

1. Driver Instead of flying
Choosing to drive to some destinations, instead of taking a flight can save you lots of money in the process. You can save even more money if traveling with the entire family.  If your car cannot do a few hundred miles, consider renting one. You will be surprised how cheap rental vehicles are, and particularly if you only need it for a few days. You will also be amazed to find out that renting a compact car costs the same as one person's air ticket. Using a rental car will save you approximately $1200 for just one week, on travel costs alone.

2. Save on Little Things
Saving on the little things is important and you can do so by just being a little more savvy. Using delivery services can be a great way to do so as it means you won’t spend on transport costs - this is specifically the case with a flat rate delivery service such as Amazon Prime, who deliver everything from shoes to postage stamps according to

3. Embrace Bundling and Ask for Discounts
The internet, phone, and cable TV have all become essential necessities in this day and age.  Buying these packages as a bundle can save you lots of money as compared to buying each package from a different provider. For instance, most telco companies will give you a discount when you use their voice and internet service. You even stand a better chance to save more by disabling services you no longer use or need. Some of these include call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, and text add-ons.

Sign up for programs that offer products at reduced prices. Triple-A, for instance, enables more savings on travel purchases. You can send a couple of dollars from using their service to find car rentals, hotels, travel attractions and restaurants.

4. Shop for Clothes in Discount Stores
Buying clothes and even shoes in thrift stores can help you record up to 80% in savings. For instance, shirts retailing at $30 will be sold at approximately $5 in thrift and discount stores. Although you may not find the same selection as retail stores, there are times you will get quality products for a bargain.

If you still aren’t sure what or where to start, you can then begin to shop minimally at thrift stores to supplement regular retail shopping. This mainly works best for children's clothing. This is because children outgrow their clothes pretty fast, and most won't even mind wearing a stained shirt or a ripped pant at the knees.

For those that don’t find thrift stores fun, you can try discount stores. Marshall's and T.J Maxx are good examples of discount stores you can find cheap quality clothes. Most of the clothes in discount stores sell at almost half the price, which enables you to buy more, for less. You will also find a wide selection of clothes to choose from. Most people today only shop at discount stores to get the latest and trendiest attires at half the price.

5. Buy When No One Else Does
This approach is all too familiar to investors. Choosing to buy items, clothes, and even electronics when everyone else is selling means you get quality products at a very affordable price. For instance, decide to shop for clothing and shoes in January when many people are focused on other things. Almost everything that sold at higher prices in November and December will be available at half the price.

The same applies when shopping for winter or summer clothing. Buy summer clothing during winter, and winter clothing during summer. You will be surprised how low the prices will be. You could also wait until there's a clearance sale to buy what you need in the house.

6. Seal Cracks and Leaks in the House
Drafty doors and windows cause massive heat loss/gain during cold and warm seasons. This often forces you to crank up the HVAC to make the room comfortable. Nevertheless, sealing off these leaks and cracks in the same can, however, make your home more energy efficient again. You can buy most of the needed materials for the handy work at a hardware store close by. A draft blocker can also be useful in preventing the draft from windows and doors.


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