A Guide To Utility Costs

When the weather changes, you have to take the time to consider how this will affect your utility bills. When summer hits, people generally turn up their air conditioners in hope of beating the heat. During winter, people turn up their heat to overcome the cold. However, this has a major impact on your utility bills and you need to consider some tips to know how to stay cool or warm without breaking the bank.

Know The Peak Hours

Many energy providers are turning to advanced metering infrastructures more commonly known as smart meters. These meters can charge a different rate for energy at peak times. For most people, the peak hours for their utilities will be between 9 am and 9 pm. This means that during this time, you are going to be charged more for the same amount of energy.

When you know your peak hours, you can determine when you should use certain items. If you are on standard peak hours ,you should wait to run your dishwasher until after 9 pm and plug in your electronics to charge overnight.

Temperature Is Very Important

According to electric utility Simply Switch, for every degree you lower the temperature of your house you increase your utility bill by 6%. This information is very important to consider when you want to lower your utility bills.

It has been determined that setting your thermostat at 78 °F during the summer is best particularly if you are going to use a fan to circulate the air. When you leave the house during the summer, you should not turn off the air conditioner you should increase the temperature to 856 °F. If you have a large house and turn off the conditioning unit, it will take more energy to cool everything again than leaving it running at a higher temperature while you are gone.

Remember To Maintain Your Equipment

A lot of money can be saved if you take the time to replace the filters in your HVAC system regularly. Over time, the filters will become clogged and will need to use more energy to achieve the same cooling effect as before. It is recommended that you change your filters every 6 months for the best efficiency.

You should also look at replacing your older appliances with some energy-efficient ones. To determine the energy efficiency you can use the Energy Star label. This will lower your energy bills and ensure that your appliances work correctly.

Choose The Right Appliances

Eating at home can save money when compared to eating out, but this can backfire if you need to use the oven during the summer months. To keep the temperature in your home low in summer, you should look at cooking with a crock pot, microwave or outdoor barbecue. It is also important to note that your entertainment system could be creating a lot of unwanted heat during the summer months. Bioethanol fireplaces don’t need a vent and can be a great saver when used right and are far more efficient than many alternatives.

You also need to ensure that you turn off any unnecessary lights. Replacing your lights with LED or energy saving ones will also help lower your utility bills. During the day, you should also keep your curtains closed as 40% of the heat in your home comes through the windows.

Get The Best Rate Possible

Nearly 20 states allow customers to choose who their energy provider is. This allows you to forego the services of the local utility company and choose an energy provider that offers you the best rate.  Retail energy suppliers will generally have cheaper packages when compared to the local utility company.


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