Breaking In A Mattress Takes How Long

How long will it take before a new mattress is broken in? You would want to test a mattress or at least a month after buying. Some of the mattresses you can have will be broken in faster, but it depends on the design and material. A high density memory foam is going to take longer than the comfort layer that is seen in most of the normal mattresses. The innerspring mattress will typically take only a few weeks, but the ones that are using the high quality foam will take almost eight weeks before they are broken in. Here are some guidelines that can help you figure out the break in time depending on the mattress you are getting.

Traditional Spring Mattress

This is going to have springs inside the innerspring mattress.

The springs tend to start to wear down rapidly, which is a faster break-in period, but it will have a shorter lifespan.

These are designed with the spring coils and springs that are surrounded by a softer material. Typically the break in period is shorter, but they are also sold with a pillow-top cushion. The amount of support you get from the springs and mattress here tends to wear down quite a bit after the first years use. You will want to make sure you flip or rotate these mattresses once every three months or you could end up getting quite a bit of sagging. When you are flipping and rotating the mattress it distributes your weight across more of the coils, which allows the bed to broken in properly, but also stops it from breaking down quickly. You may notice this bed can take up to 4 weeks to completely break in.


These are often a latex foam layer, but will have airflow channels to use as well.

The break-in period tends to be shorter and not as noticeable. What else is great is these mattresses do not really change over the break-in period.

Typically these will be made from a variety of materials from synthetic to natural to even blended. They do have a type of elastic feel to them at times. You will often notice these are sold at a wide variety of firmness and even as a hybrid that offers a blend of all the foams and springs. The mattresses are soft, but also very supportive and do have a shorter break-in period. You can find this can be as short as a couple of days even, but it could take several weeks depending on the materials in the mattress. What else is great is the feel of these mattresses does not change that much from the first night. A problem that you can find with these is they can break down really quickly because of the latex foam having air. If you’re looking for the best of all worlds then consider a mattress like this - read this simba mattress review

Memory Foam

This is going to take a longer break in period that comes from the density of the material. You will find that the foam will be made from layers of the foam that is going to be stacked to support your weight and allow it to conform to your body. These are often known for the low-bounce and having a hugging feel. The foam is going to relieve the pressure points in the body and stay durable over time. Usually, you will notice this type of mattress will take longer to break in.

The density is going to refer to the amount of material per cubic foot. The more material that is in each cubic foot the more time it is going to take for the foam cells to open up and the materials to loosen up and reach its full potential. If the mattress is using a high density memory foam it can take almost 60 days to break in. With the quality and durability taken into note the amount of lifespan that is seen with these mattresses tends to make it worth the wait.


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