From Where to Get Most Affordable IELTS and PTE Training in Chandigarh

Most of the countries check the English language proficiency of candidates through tests like IELTS or PTE. While PTE is approved and valid only for Australia, IELTS is valid for many other countries. Both the tests check the English language proficiency of candidates on 4 factors using four different modules, i.e., reading, writing, listening and speaking.

IELTS is the test that is more of a manual whereas PTE is entirely computer-based; this is the reason most of the candidates desiring higher education in Australia choose to take PTE.

When it comes to international education, India is one of the top countries from where students go for higher education to countries like Canada, U.S.A., Australia, Singapore, Germany, etc. Depending upon one’s goal and pocket, students choose their destination for higher education.

Chandigarh is one of the top Union Territories of India and is considered one of the most planned and cleanest cities. It is also in fact hub of IELTS and PTE education. There are numerous IELTS & PTE education institutes in Chandigarh providing tips and tricks to crack the exam and get the best possible scores. Chandigarh proves to be a center-point for many surrounding areas. Students from different other cities come to Chandigarh in order to get quality IELTS & PTE training, for the city provides a better quality of IELTS & PTE coaching as compared to other areas in the vicinity.

Chandigarh is house to the number of small and big IELTS & PTE training institutes that provide training at different prices. While all the institutes claim to be the best, some deliver real results. You’ll get renowned training institutes like Grey Matters, British Counsel, CANAM, Touchstone Educationals, etc. and there are some lesser-known coaching providers like Asia Pacific Group, Navigators, VIEC, etc.

Training institutes like CANAM, British Counsel, Grey Matters, etc. charge really heavily, with monthly fees ranging from INR 10,000 to INR 20,000. There are different packages available if one wishes to take coaching for a longer period of time, say 2 to 3 months, but one thing is for sure that one can end up burning a big hole in their pocket while taking coaching from these renowned institutions. These institutes surely have great infrastructure and top-notch tutors and can promise great results too! All in all, one may spend anywhere from INR 30,000 to INR 40,000 for a coaching period of 2-3 months, which is considered quite expensive, especially when you also have to pay the fee for taking the test.

As mentioned earlier, there are also other lesser-known institutes that charge lesser and do not have “fancy” settings as compared to the renowned ones, but these can still bring out great results as far as IELTS & PTE coaching is concerned. One such result-oriented lesser-known IELTS & PTE training institute is Asia Pacific Group.

Asia Pacific Group is located in Sector 35C of Chandigarh and has been in business for almost a decade. The Company has assisted thousands of students to get admission into their desired courses across countries like Australia, Canada, Singapore, U.S.A., etc. Asia Pacific Group deals in all kinds of visa services and also provides high-quality and most affordable IELTS & PTE coaching. The Company has an unlimited IELTS & PTE coaching package available at INR 12,500 only where it offers unlimited coaching until the students get his/her desired score. In case one does not wish to take this unlimited coaching package, he/she can go for monthly coaching also, which starts from INR 8,000 only, depending upon your time and current English language proficiency. Asia Pacific Group has helped hundreds of students crack IELTS and score 79+ in PTE exam.

There are other institutes that provide best IELTS coaching starting from INR 8,000 per month; however, none of these provide an unlimited coaching package. Therefore, we can say that if you are looking for the most affordable IELTS & PTE coaching in Chandigarh, you must take up unlimited coaching package from Asia Pacific Group and take coaching until you achieve your desired score. The Company vouchers for its great results and has a top-notch faculty. Of course, Asia Pacific Group houses some of the best IELTS & PTE trainers from Tricity to provide excellent IELTS & PTE coaching to students.

Bella Cameron was born and brought up in Australia. She is working as a blogger, educational consultant in Asia Pacific Group and assists with PTE Training material. Bella enjoys reading articles on fitness and writes about the right to education. She mostly travels the countryside when not occupied with work.


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