More Tips For A Better Skin

Are you always envious of a smooth skin but have never had it? Well, here are some useful tips to help you get better skin.

  • Avoid Rubbing, Scrubbing Or Washing Off Your Acne

If you notice a zit on your face, it’s because the excess oil on your skin has been locked inside one of your pores. Therefore, you can’t remove the oil from your skin by scrubbing, rubbing or washing it hard. Rather, you will harm the skin surrounding the area thus making the pimple more noticeable and inflamed. 

  • Cleansing

You can prevent breakouts on your skin by cleansing your skin once or twice every day. You should start treating acne before it actually starts by removing any excess oil from your skin before it gets clogged in the pores. Of course, you need the excess oil from your skin without putting anything harmful on it so you should always use a mild cleanser for the job. You shouldn’t run your skin when you’re washing it unless you’re removing the obvious grime, dirt or makeup.

  • Avoid Drying Out Your Skin

There’s a common notion that you can actually get rid of acne by drying your skin out in the sun. Of course, it’s not the drying effect that will actually get rid of the acne, it’s the UV rays that kill bacteria that cause acne and reduce the production of oil in your pores.

A few sub rays on unprotected skin for about 20 minutes every day will guarantee absorption of vitamin D for the entire body. You should protect your skin with sunscreen the rest of the time to get ultimate protection from sun damage and sunburns. You can also use a special UV ray light to give your skin the proper treatment to remove blemishes without completely drying your skin out completely. 

  • Gentle Facial Products

To get rid of acne on your back, you need tougher products like benzoyl peroxide. The product strip offs the top layer of your pimples and attacks the bacteria found inside. Keep in mind that the skin on your back or the rest of your body can actually stand up to this treatment. However, you should do the same for any acne on your face.

Except in the mildest or non-prescription strengths, using benzoyl peroxide on your face will cause itching, peeling, burning and redness on your face. Therefore, you should use different treatments for acne on your face than water you use on the rest of your body.

  • Keep Hair Out Of Your Face 

If you have any acne breaking above your eyebrows or on your nose could be caused by any hair falling on your face. On the other hand, acne found at the top part of your forehead is caused by hair care products that clog the pores in that area. So you should avoid hair falling on your face and rinse the excess hair products from your face to prevent any blemishes on your forehead and nose.

  • Ways To Conceal Acne

It’s always hard to treat acne before a big day such as a graduation, wedding or a big date. That’s why you need to cover it up properly. For instance, you can use a green concealer to hide the red pimples on your face then use foundation to hide the concealer. Of course, that will work perfectly until the foundation actually wears off and people notice the green spots present on your face.

Alternatively, you can cover up your face with a brown or gold foundation that complements your skin tones. For instance, if you have black, brown or fair skin, you should use gold foundation. On the other hand, for Asian skin tones, a brown concealer is the best option. You should experiment to find the perfect shade for your skin. By covering your pimples with some layers of cosmetics to clear them up and reduce any makeup mishaps as the day progresses. 

  • Applying Lotion Properly

Any whiteheads, blackheads and pimples present on the jawline will be invisible to you. However, other people can actually see it. You can avoid this by applying your skin care treatment on the entire face including the jawline.

  • Spot Treatments

Do you have nodules and cysts? Well, you should treat them with a topical product called tretinoin or Retin-A, an over the counter medication. If you apply the topical on your face, it’s easy enough to open up the pores in the problem areas. Of course, there is the risk of making the rest of your face red unnecessarily.

Therefore, the best way to use the product with these side effects, or one which is too expensive, is to apply them on the problem areas alone. Avoid applying them on the entire face and clean your hands thoroughly before applying these spot treatments to your pimples. Wash your hands after using the treatment before touching your face or the rest of your body. All of this effort will limit the chance of the need for acne removal in years to come according to Dore Aesthetics.

  • Always Keep Your Skin Moisturized

Keep in mind that moisturizing your skin isn’t necessarily leaving the oil dripping from your pores. Moisturizing will keep your skin elastic, flexible and keep the pores open. Of course, you don’t need moisturizer all the time but even with oily skin, there are chances of drying out. Using moisturizer regularly will prevent blackheads, whiteheads and any blemishes on your forehead or to the sides of your face.

In conclusion, water is also important to keep your skin looking smooth. Therefore, you should take 8 glasses of water every day for the best results. You should also check your diet to avoid too many carbs that might damage your skin rather you should eat a balanced diet all the time.


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