Popular Alternatives to eBay For Online Sellers

If you’re an online seller you’ll want to spread your items across as many portals as possible. So, aside from eBay where is popular for online sellers?

1. Newegg (

If you sell electronic devices, it is worth exploring whether or not Newegg is a good fit for your business. This site, which is one of the largest online retailers in the United States, provides an intuitive selling platform for sellers who carry electronic goods. Because the site is focused on electronics, it makes it easy to reach targeted buyers who are interested in the types of devices that you sell.

It goes without saying that not all sellers will do well on this platform since it is specifically geared toward sellers who carry electronics. If the products that you carry fall into this category, however, you should definitely consider giving this site a closer look. You may find it to be a good alternative to eBay.

2. Bonanza (

Bonanza is a site that advertises itself as being an alternative to selling on eBay. In fact, on the front page of this site, there is a section that proudly states that Bonanza was voted higher than sites like eBay in terms of seller satisfaction.

Although I can't say for sure whether or not their advertising text is true, this platform can be a good option if you don't want to sell on eBay. The site itself is designed to be easy to use, removing all of the technical hurdles of starting an online business. 

Like other businesses, Bonanza has had its share of positive and negative reviews. If you search online, you may stumble across reviews from buyers who were disappointed with the products or customer service that they received. Although these types of complaints seem like they would only affect buyers, they can actually have a negative impact on the entire marketplace. Just keep that in the back of your mind if you decide to sell on this platform.

3. eBid (

eCommerce Bytes recently published their Seller's Choice Marketplace Ratings for 2017. Coming in at number nine on the list was eBid - an online auction site that is similar to eBay. The company advertises its low fees as one of its primary benefits for sellers. Even though the volume of sales through the site may not be as big as some of its competitors, it is still possible to earn a good profit when selling on the site. The only thing to keep in mind is that you may not be able to find a buyer as quickly as you could on other platforms.

If you like auction-style listings like the ones on eBay, this is a great option since the selling format is essentially the same. You can learn more about setting up an account on this popular auction site by reading through their frequently asked questions.

4. Ruby Lane (

Another site that eCommerce Bytes ranked highly for sellers was Ruby Lane. This site is not only simple to use but it also provides excellent support for sellers. It is ideal for anyone who sells vintage items.

What makes Ruby Lane unique is that the marketplace is only open to sellers who deal in vintage or antique goods. That means that you don't have to worry about your listings getting lost in a sea of other unrelated categories. When people visit the site, they are clearly looking for vintage or antique products since that is the only thing available in the marketplace. Another benefit of selling on Ruby Lane is that they don't take a commission out of your sales.

In all of the cases above you can use auction advertising and really help push your items. 


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