Star Wars Themed Room Ideas

Themed home interiors have become a trend, with most homeowners looking to incorporate various elements of their favorite things to their homes. One of the latest trends is the Star Wars- The Last Jedi, as fans across the globe look for means to bring the experience of this blockbuster in their lifestyle and portray some creativity in the conventional apartment living tips.

Well, Star Wars franchise has been around for several decades, and the release of new installments has made this generation fall in love with the classic franchise. Not just the young people, but adults also want their own themed house interiors. That being said, here are a few tips that you may find useful when it comes to personalizing your home with a Star Wars binge.

Death Star Lounge

Ever wondered what it would feel like to walk in the death start halls? Well, this living room idea can be a great way to bring the experience to life with several silver and grey shades layered properly across the lounge. Embossed vinyl on the ceiling and walls tends to lend a futuristic and sleek look. Also, this minimalist decor will keep the theme looking excellent without going overboard, and it can be an excellent addition to apartment living tips

Simplistic Star Wars Room Design

It is possible to bring the experience of a galaxy far, far away to your living room without overdoing the decor with just vinyl Star Wars decal. You can pick a collection that contains all the epic battle scenes, the death star, Millenium Falcon, X-wong and TIE fighters. This decor utilizes a start black and white palette, thus ascertaining it's focused on space while still giving a futuristic feel.

An Appealing Star Wars Themed Kids Room

Chances are your kids have not seen the original Star Wars Trilogy, and so, a Star Wars theme wallpaper would be perfect to foretell the franchise story. Kids will certainly love the feel of experiencing space with the floor featuring fighters, glowing stars as well as a mix of alien plants . You can also include Star Wars themed bedding or a Star Wars rug in order to portray a slight industrial style.

A Star Wars Artist Loft

Stylish decors and Star Wars theme can certainly impose a truly unique artistic feel to your house. The walls can boast an industrial stone appearance with the ideal palette for the Star Wars based room design. You can also add steel-grey shaded rugs in order to add warmth to your apartment without making it too ambiguous.

Tan and grey furniture that represents the Mos Eisley Cantina is also an excellent addition if you want to showcase your artistic taste. To bring sci-fi theme to life across the living room or bedroom, you can include Star Wars artwork and even the stormtrooper helmet.

Bright and Lively Theme

If you want to create a true Star Wars like kids bedroom in your house, you should choose colorful blue paint sets. The character-based wall labels like Darth Maul, Yoda and the rest are a great way to portray the space excitement. Keep the furniture for a mix of children and adults with neutral window coverings, soft lighting, Star Wars memorabilia as well as floating shelves. You can also include bedding that represents the various ships in the franchise such as star destroyers, TIE fighters and X-wing.

Bedroom on an Alien Planet

If you are looking to give your room a movie saturated touch; the empire strikes back themed decoration can be an excellent start. The whole melody and visuals of the room will certainly make you feel as if you are on the planet of Hoth where the battle between the Rebellion and the Galactic empire occurred. Another excellent addition based on the Star Wars franchise is a bed designed like the T-47 Air Speeder that consists of a trundle for extra sleeping space.

Fluffy bedding and blue painted walls tend to further illuminate the feel of the snowy planet across the entire room. You should ensure that the rest of the room is not overly decorated to avoid steering away from the primary theme. You can, however, go for Star Wars specific items and elements in order to personalize the space even further.

Whether you want a Star Wars themed bedroom or dining room or just a throne room, the tips mentioned in this post will certainly help make that dream a reality.


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