Tips For Buying The Best Mattress

If you are in the search for a new ideal mattress, there are some things you may want consider to avoid disappointments, and this article will cover most, if not all of them. 

First and foremost, it is advisable to keep a mattress for at most eight years. If you sleep on it for longer than that, the material will degrade, and you’ll feel less and less comfortable. Instead of enjoying a good night sleep, you’ll be waking up tired, which can affect your productivity throughout the day. Also, consider replacing the spring box along with the mattress as well. The compression of the springs, over time, tends to change the structure of the spring box which plays a considerable role in mattress comfort. 

Make Comfort Your Main Priority

Shopping for a new mattress is all about finding the one that suits you the most. Some like soft mattresses, others like them firm, while others prefer somewhere in between. It all basically boils down to your preference. If you are comfortable, then you are likely to sleep well. 

Pick a Mattress that Suits your Body

According to chiropractors, you should look for a mattress that is designed to conform to your spine's curve and able to distribute pressure across the body evenly. This, however, can be tricky to confirm when shopping for a new mattress as it may not necessarily represent the manner in which your spine will curve when sleeping. Everyone’s pressure points are different, and so, the best way to determine whether a particular mattress supports your body correctly is to bring along a friend. Ask them to observe whether your spine stays relatively neutral as you lie down in your normal sleeping position. If your spine is curved or sags extremely, you may want to look for another mattress. 

Test Before You Buy

This is obvious, but it’s important to mention as well. You should test ‘sleep’ a mattress for about 20 minutes in your normal sleeping position before making the final decision. 

Avoid the Sag

Even though you might argue that firm mattresses aren’t ideal for people with back pain, experts believe that saggy mattresses aren’t too ideal. To know if a mattress has too much sag, take the ‘sleeping’ test as mentioned above. 

Don’t Buy the Brand

Almost all mattress coils are manufactured by the same company, so avoid being lured by the brand. Ideally, don’t be swayed by the price tag. A higher price does not always mean better quality. This nectar mattress is affordable for example, but also excellent quality. 

Avoid Vintage Mattresses

A vintage mattress is not only likely to have lost its ideal structure, but this tip is essential if you’re worried about your bed catching fire. Mattresses that were manufactured before mid-2007 aren’t fire resistant. 

Beware of Allergens

If you are allergic to things like mold, dust, and certain bacteria, ensure that the mattress you intend to purchase doesn’t contain any sneaky allergens. An even wiser move is to look a hypoallergenic mattress or cover. Wool and natural latex are both ideal options. 

Bigger Does Not Always Mean Better

Thickness in the mattress world is usually a sneaky move to get shoppers to think that they are purchasing a more comfortable mattress. Listen to your body and buy the one that feels most comfortable. Do not be deceived by looks. 

Be Patient

Even if you liked the new mattress at the mall, chances are you won’t have a good night sleep on the first night. That is because it takes a while for the body to adapt to a new sleeping surface. So, if you don’t get quality sleep on the initial night, consider giving it a few more nights, and you’ll adapt. 

Do Not Disturb (DNB)

If you share a bed with your loved one, consider buying a mattress that will allow the both of you to adjust the firmness on each side. This way, neither will have to sacrifice spine alignment or comfort at the expense of the other. 

Look for a Return Policy

As with any other product, you should ensure that there’s a return policy. This will ascertain that you won’t be stuck with a costly mattress that does not suit you or your partner.


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