Why Online Certification Is The Key To Jump starting Your Career

Many people normally struggle with the issue of going back to school in order to freshen up their resume and boost their chances in the job market. If you are among those wondering whether they should enrol for an online certification course, then read on. You are sure to find some useful insight as to why this has become the way to go for aspiring and working professionals looking to climb higher up the career ladder.

First Things First

What are online certification courses and how do they work? Well, it’s pretty straightforward really. It simply entails taking a class blending the skills taught in a physical classroom on an online platform thereby circumventing the need to actually go back to college. That said, there are two types of online certificates: an undergraduate and a graduate program.

The former is for those with a high school diploma while a graduate certificate is for those who already have a college degree but would simply like to aim for more in their career by improving their professional outlook. An online certification course can take anywhere between 2 years and 6 months depending on the area of specialization.

How an online certification course is beneficial to your career

1) It’ll get that you promotion you’ve always wanted

Picture this: a new higher position opens up in your place of employment and you’ve been working hard all throughout the year to impresses the decision makers at the top that you are the right man for the job. But while that could entirely be true, at the end of it all you are turned down for simply not having the right qualifications needed.

If this story sounds familiar to you, then maybe it’s time you enrolled for an online course that’ll help you get out of that box set by industry standards. You can polish up your skills in those most sought-after aspects of your career so that instead of you working to impress for a promotion, it’ll be the other way around. Your employer will be the one to come calling!

2) An online course enables you to do your job more easily

In this ever-changing modern day world where new technology is constantly seeping into the work area, an online course is important in keeping up with the times. No matter which industry you work in, understanding the underlying technology allows you to execute your duties perfectly and also helps you to remain relevant in the workplace. In a nutshell, a related online course ensures you keep your job!

3) Time convenience

The great thing about online courses is that they are usually quite short compared to other mainstream learning programs. Where a college degree might take about three or four years to complete, you could be over and done with an online course in as little as six months. 
What’s more, online courses allow you to learn at your own time convenience which is good news if you have a job. Few employers will give you the time to learn whilst you’re on their payroll but such a program allows you to read at your convenience while keeping up with the demands of a full-time job. If anything, it proves to your employer that you are hardworking and can adapt to situations of pressure.

4) Branching out

It’s often the case that we always desire something more. Whether that could be a heavier paycheck or a venture into new fields is entirely up to your definition of satisfaction. If the more you desired is a heavier paycheck, then it’s important to note that stats have shown that graduate certificates have improved the earnings of employees by up to 25%.

On the other hand, if the more you’re looking for lies outside your current career niche, then such a course is the key to branching out and following your dreams. You can finally venture into the exciting fields you’ve been craving for and break the shackles of an unfulfilling job.

A Word Of Caution

So there you have it folks, essential benefits of online certification and why you should get enrolled right away. This program is not only convenient if you’re hard pressed for time but also very effective in polishing a resume to become appealing to employers. 

Remember, many unscrupulous entities have waded into the waters of the online teaching space in a bid to make an extra coin so be sure that the company you sign up with is an accredited learning institution. 

Good luck!

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Siva Kumar have served the armed forces for 15 years. Post retirement from services, he has been serving as a director of operations at Illinois Institute of Technology India Pvt Ltd .This is a wholly owned subsidiary of Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago.
His aim is to provide a full time study programme to learn at your place through the distance learning and online master programs.


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